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Written By 

Beryl Liu, Joy Han, Terry Wang 

Produced by 

Benita Rosalind, Beryl Liu 

Directed by 

Terry Wang 


Beryl Liu, Emily Huang

Two sisters must decide whether if they should confess what they've done or proceed with the crime they've planed to save their mother.

Screenshot 2021-04-28 113456.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-28 113249.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-28 113649.jpg

Artist Statement 

True or false, right or wrong, and yes or no. Growing up I was always taught to stand firm with one or the other, until reality showed me that things are not always so black and white. Stories stem from life and what fascinates me about drama (the artistic craft, not gossiping), is its power to take us into a glimpse of another world. A world where we learn to understand something, or someone, different from ourselves and to explore the complexities of humanity.


This was a creative experiment with a group of people who were all inspired by Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite. This short film was largely devised collaboratively within a short time frame which was a terrifying but enriching new experience for me. Though it is very fictional, we wanted to explore “morality” not as a dichotomy, but as a spectrum; which is what Bong Joon Ho’s films embody so well - flawed characters that are unapologetically authentic, complex, and real - they are human.

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